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Shell Scheme (up to 30m2):

Ready-built traditional stand which includes white wooden walls, floor covering and nameboard.

Super Home Package (over 30m2):

Ready-built modern stand which includes full length wooden back wall (with a choice of wall colours), internal storage, graphics, electrics supply and sockets, overhead lighting suspended from trussing and floor covering. 

Space Only (over 40m2).

costs and packages

Autumn 2015                             Spring 2016

Shell Scheme: £399 + VAT per m2                                    Shell Scheme: £415 + VAT per m2

Super Home: £363 + VAT per m2                                     Super Home: £381 + VAT per m2

Space Only: £313 + VAT per m2                                        Space Only: £314 + VAT per m2

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