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Clarion Events organises over 150 exhibitions, conferences and events annually across the globe and employs over 500 people in nine different countries. More than 12,000 companies trust us with their custom each year and over 700,000 people give their valuable time to visit our events.

The retail portfolio comprises of eight trade events targeted at retail buyers looking to source a wide range of products across gifts, home accessories, greeting cards & stationery, artisan craft, jewellery & fashion accessories. We endeavour to provide inspiration for the retail community by providing businesses exposure to the latest new products, new ideas, new knowledge and new skills via our events.   

Other retail trade shows organised by Clarion Events include:


Summer / Autumn / Winter:

Spring / Summer:

Home & Gift 19-22 July 2015  Top Drawer 17-19 January 2016
Top Drawer 13-15 September 2015  Home 17-19 January 2016
Home 13-15 September 2015   CRAFT 17-19 January 2016
Pulse 10-12 May 2015  









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